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Press Release is the best way to communicate your core message and announcements to the community in a clear and concise manner. It is a perfect way to introduce your project to the world.

News Daily Nation is one of the fastest-growing crypto and blockchain news media websites in the industry, with thousands of daily followers. Your ICO, Cryptocurrency, or Blockchain-related project will be seen by thousands of potential investors.

How Is News Daily Nation Press Release different from others?
At News Daily Nation we not only publish your content but also guide you on how to market it to achieve maximum coverage. Our content writers will be in touch with you from the review process to publishing it. Here’s what makes us different from others:
We publish only a selected number of press releases per week. For each press release, you will have a content writer directly in touch with you to suggest changes.
We analyze your content and guide you with best SEO practices to ensure your content assists your brand building.
If you’re marketing, events, or a PR agency and would like to place a bulk order we have special discount packages designed especially for you.

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By submitting a press release and sending payment, you grant our editors the right to edit and have the final say on the text, as well as use your company logo to create an image to go with the press release.